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downs reading project 


In January 2020 we launched the Down's Reading Project.  This is an exciting project to get children with Down's reading, both at Cherry Garden and in mainstream schools in Southwark.  The teachers and parents in the project have had workshops at Cherry Garden and the project has got off to a promising start, with several children already beginning to develop a sight vocabulary of words that are highly motivating to them.  We are excited to see how their reading will develop!

Take a look at the project guidelines Downs-Reading-Project-Guidelines.pdf

We are basing our approach on research from the Down's Syndrome Research Foundation.  If your child is in the project, we would highly recommend that you watch this half hour video tutorial:

If your child is in the project, their teacher will be sending home cards with the sight words they are focusing on that week, and home made books linked to their interests.  You can support the project by doing one or two of the activities every day with your child at home.  The video and guidance above will tell you how to do that, even if you were not able to attend the workshop. 

Watch this space for follow up workshops later in the term!


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