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What We Offer

Cherry Garden Outreach Support Service (COSS) 

We are a small team of specialist outreach teachers from Cherry Garden School offering support to children in mainstream schools who have SEN and are working significantly below their peers.  They may have a range of needs, including Down’s Syndrome, chromosomal disorders or Global Delay.  Cherry Garden is Southwark’s primary school for children with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties and communication difficulties.  One outreach teacher is seconded by Southwark part-time and another provides training programmes and support.  The outreach service is available to all maintained primary schools.

What support is offered?

The support given varies depending on the needs of the child and the school, and may include any of the following:-

·         Observation and consultation: getting a picture of the child and discussing with the SENCO, teacher and support staff which strategies would further support their learning.

·         Modelling and coaching: introducing strategies, programmes or types of activity that will support the child, and training support staff in using them effectively.

·         In School Training: the outreach teacher may offer training directly to the school or refer them to the training programme at Cherry Garden.

·         Training:  a range of courses are offered throughout the year.  For further information go to

·         Planning and assessment: planning individually for the child with the teacher and supporting with assessment.

·         Groups: involving the child in collaborative work with peers.

·         Working with other professionals: e.g. working collaboratively with the speech and language therapist on a child’s communication.

·         Input into annual reviews/ TAC meetings.

·         Supporting transition from nursery to school and between key stages.

·         Specialist groups:  bringing together children from different schools with similar needs (Downs syndrome, life skills, social skills, communication skills).  These are planned and taught by the outreach teacher who also trains Teaching Assistants to run the groups in their schools.

The support is given in a block of visits, but the teacher may return to see the child at a later date at the request of the school, for example to support with transition to the next year group.

The outreach teachers’ records of their visits are shared with the school and the local authority, and the schools can also pass them on to the parents or use them to input into a child’s EHCP.



How to refer a child for support:

Children are referred to the outreach team through Southwark’s SEN department, or schools can directly request support for a particular child, using the referral form available on the Cherry Garden website (  All referrals are subject to approval by Southwark’s SEN department and need parental approval.

(NB: support for autistic children is provided through Southwark’s Autism Support Team).

Preferred contact: email (as we are an outreach team we are usually out and about)

 Anna Parsons

 Shona Morgan

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